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Municipal Services

Municipal IT Professionals

Growing municipalities with shrinking budgets are discovering that municipal IT outsourcing is a valuable tool in the continued effort to protect, provide for and inform their citizens. As an award-winning provider of IT services and solutions, Brooks Network Services has become a trusted IT services provider for dozens of city, county and state entities, helping them cost effectively meet or exceed their IT management, maintenance and support attainment goals.

From building an online platform for government updates and services to managing public safety communications and ensuring continuity in the event of a disaster, Brooks Network Services helps its municipal clients achieve a robust, well-implemented, managed and monitored IT infrastructure with enhanced municipal service delivery. We have demonstrated experience helping public entities initiate the municipal lifecycle, from startup to high-growth city, as well as supporting the more sophisticated requirements of established cities, counties and statewide organizations.

Outsourced IT Services for Government

IT and Network Infrastructure

In today’s digital landscape, a municipality is only as strong as its IT systems. InterDev has decades of experience helping clients build, optimize and maintain robust, secure IT frameworks to serve them now and in the future.

ProActive Security ®

With hackers increasingly targeting even the smallest municipalities, network security is paramount. Brooks Network Services stringent, proven methodology provides the greatest possible degree of certainty that its municipal clients won’t be compromised by an attack.

Public Safety

Public Safety no longer means reactive police and fire services. Best practices dictate—and Brooks Network Services provides, manages and supports—a proactive structure including video analytics, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), in-car camera systems and mobile data terminals, as well as fully integrated police and fire dispatch systems.

IT Support / Help Desk

After helping determine service priorities based on available resources and budgets, InterDev implements an expert solution that enables logging, tracking and resolving support and help requests within the contracted time frame for each incident type.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and disaster recovery aren’t simply important for government entities; they are mission critical. Our best-practices approach ensures municipalities can continue operating with their data and systems intact no matter what scenarios unfold.

VoIP / Telephony

Brooks Network Services deploys and supports industry-leading Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions, including enhanced voice mail, conferencing, videoconferencing, call routing/call centers, and more, all of which we actively manage for optimal integrity and quality.